Our Mission

To drive innovation through precise strategic partnering with key leaders across the spectrum of government, business, entrepreneurs, academia, and non-profit sectors.

Our Team

SPGI brings deep and proven leadership from technology executives and world class technologists that were hand selected for their subject matter expertise as well as their entrepreneurship and innovative thought. They share a unique passion for solving problems by providing creative and strategic leadership in both the business and the science of technology driven solutions.

Our Capabilities

With a commitment to excellence, we use a disciplined approach to rapidly leverage our extensive partnership network with the best and brightest organizations and individuals. With a commitment to excellence, SPGI brings technology to the commercial market using the formula defined by the Transformative Corporation Formation (TCF).


SPGI concentrates on solving problems versus making profit.  Our structure is less hierarchal allowing our employees to interact directly with leadership to share and promote ideas and innovation.  This allows the organization to be more nimble to respond to opportunities, employ new thinking, technological advances, and be more agile.

The figure above illustrates how SPGI utilizes the unique and proven method of Transformative Corporate Formation (TCF), to provide overall direction for new business development/creation, assisting with project selection, and other related technical decisions using a non-linear process.  In Step 1, potential sponsor researchers and scientists meet with new business partners to define requirements and needs.  These meetings spawn the creation of a Concept/Idea Papers. Concept/Idea papers spawn collaborative colliders where actual users input is solicited and captured.  In Step 3 a sponsor approved Request for Proposal (RFP) is released. Step 4 includes potential teaming of any number of partners (Universities, private business, non-profits) to respond to the RFP.  In Step 5, Federal, state and local Government Sponsors along with private industry sponsors (investors or industry members with IR&D) select project awards. Step 6 involves SPGI’s assistance with monitoring the project and reporting, to the sponsor, on project success. This proven funding and workflow cycle can be repeated various times throughout the year.

The SPG Institute’s goal is to facilitate greater connection, communication and teaming between government sponsors and small and non-traditional business and academia.  SPGI can be a conduit for these non-traditional entities to work with the government and to share innovations that might normally not be available to government for any variety of reasons.

SPG Institute (SPGI) has a unique relationship with SP Global Inc. to license the Transformative Corporate Formation (TCF).  TCF analyzes market needs, evaluates market enabling technologies from new or existing organizations, and then forms and funds. The TCF process allows the product to go from concept to market success (revenue generating) repeatedly in a 24-30-month period. In addition to leveraging SP Global’s technical qualifications, SPGI differentiates itself from other organizations by its distinct and successful application of the TCF model. SPGI helps de-risks business launches by driving deep addressable market knowledge with strong end user and buyer relations to understand the market and competitive solutions, that helps deliver product/service offerings into interested markets at acceptable prices.