Strategic Partnership Global Institute (SPGI) is a technology driven non-profit development partnership built on a deep commitment to bettering society and creating lasting transformation through advanced technology and innovation.

Whether it is securing our national defense, combatting terrorism, protecting the environment, responding to manmade or natural disasters, or reducing poverty or disease, we understand that there are many critical issues facing the world today. We also know that, in most cases, it is impossible for the preeminent experts in each of these issues to be amassed in one location, let alone in one government agency, company, university or non-profit. This is why we created the (SPGI).

Unlike other entities, SPGI is focused on quickly and efficiently solving problems, not in creating business opportunity for the out years, and not by building our own portfolio.   We take a unique approach by locating and leveraging the best available technologies, and the most promising innovations and research no matter where they originate.